Harrison County Bar Association

Are you an aspiring lawyer in the Harrison County area? We’re here to help you learn about Texas laws, so you can be the knowledgeable lawyer you hope to be.

What We’re All About

Harris County Bar Association was created with the goal of furthering the education of aspiring lawyers. You already receive a lot of information on legal issues in school, but some topics are off limits in educational institutions. Here, we aren’t afraid to discuss complex or controversial legal topics—in fact, we relish them.

Texas Is Tough on Crime

The state of Texas is thought to be very tough on crime, particularly drug and alcohol related crimes. The penalties of drugged driving and drunk driving crimes are especially harsh, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

We believe in challenging the aspiring lawyer to dissect the laws in Texas. After all, you will be dealing with people who’ve been charged with crimes or need your legal experience in other matters someday.

What Texas Laws Do We Evaluate?

Harrison County Bar Association evaluates all of Texas’ laws and we compare them to other laws throughout the country. In order to get the big picture, you should study laws in other states. Do some states handle crimes and other legal matters better than Texas? That’s just one of the questions you should be asking yourself.

Below are a few of the laws and legal issues we cover:

  • Texas DUI Crimes: Are the Penalties Too Harsh?
  • Can a Worker Sue Their Employer in Texas?
  • How Tax Laws Change Over Time
  • How Are Family Laws Changing?
  • Should DWIs Be Expunged from People’s Records?
  • Is Distracted Driving Really That Dangerous?
  • When a Person Is Injured in Texas, Should They File an Injury Claim on Their Own?
  • How Can a Lawyer Help a Client Fight a Sex Crime Charge?

Don’t See the Legal Topic You Want to Discuss?

There are no legal issues that we aren’t willing to dive into, so let us know if you don’t see the legal topic that you want to learn about in the comments. Harrison County Bar Association wants to help aspiring lawyers be the best lawyers they can be, so feel free to give your ideas on what topics we should cover.

Laws in Texas are changing, and you will need to learn as much as you can to keep up. Make sure you read through our site, because your clients deserve the most knowledgeable attorney possible.