Can a Bone Fracture Lead to a Lawsuit?

The human body relies on bones to do just about everything. Despite their rigidity and resilience, when they are under high-stress or involved in a high-impact collision, the bones can bend or even break. It is for this reason that bone fracture injuries have a special place in the legal framework. You can sue for a broken bone and get compensated for the losses—only if the accident was someone else’s fault.  

Depending on the amount of force exerted on the bone, your bone may crack up to a certain level, but not all the way through, causing a hairline or snap completely, like in the case of an extreme force such as a car or motorcycle accident or fall from a tall building.

Just like all other legal claims, the process of seeking compensation after suffering a broken bone can be a bit complex and tedious. You need documentation to back up your claims and the knowledge on how to present your case so that it doesn’t backfire on you.

Common Broken Bone Injuries

All bones in the human body can crack or bend under pressure with the most common being in the collarbone, feet, ankles, sternum, ribs, legs, neck, pelvis, arms, and hand. There are several ways bones can fracture, including:

  • Open compound fractures: This happens when the broken bone pierces the skin or a situation where an external object pierces the skin and fractures the bone.
  • Stable fractures: Stable fractures occur when the ends of the broken bone line up correctly.
  • Transverse fractures: This is the situation where the line of the fracture runs horizontally across the bone.
  • Oblique fractures: Here, the break in the bone forms an angled pattern.
  • Comminuted fractures: These occur when the bone breaks apart into one or more pieces.

Should You Act Fast?

Oh, yes! Time is a precious commodity when it comes to broken bone injury claims. The clock starts ticking the minute the accident takes place. An experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer should be present at the time of the accident to collect evidence that will help build a strong case later on. Medical experts, insurance companies, and courts heavily rely on the evidence to reconstruct events before and during the accident.

The Importance of Medical Evidence

Apart from evidence of the scene of the accident, the medical report from the doctor is what will make or break the case. When you or a loved one suffers a bone fracture, a radiologist will take X-ray images that show the extent of the injury. Unlike other soft tissue injuries which can be hard to prove, these black and white images of hard injuries are indisputable.

How an Attorney Will Help You Get Compensated for a Bone Fracture

When it comes to seeking compensation after sustaining a bone fracture, you can go in blind or hire a good attorney. To score high and get what you rightfully deserve, you’ll want to hire an expert personal injury attorney who understands the grind—one with a ton of experience on how to fight tooth and nail until you are compensated for lost wages, rehab costs, and medical expenses.

Suffering a bone fracture can be a painful and traumatic experience. It can rob one of a good quality of life. On top of the pain and the trauma, the medical bills can soar up so quickly. Although compensation may not take back the hand of time, it can help make the lighten the burden substantially.