How Financial Issues Are Connected to Criminal Behavior

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Harris County Bar Association is dedicated to helping lawyers understand the laws in Texas and throughout the country. We know you want to be the best lawyer you can be. Today’s topic of discussion is how financial issues can actually lead to criminal behavior.

This concept is probably not difficult for people to understand. The thief steals because he can’t afford to buy something; a person who is unemployed might turn to drugs or alcohol because they feel worthless; a successful businesswoman might steal from an employer because they made poor financial decisions and are living outside of their means.

These are only a few examples of how financial problems can lead to legal ones. Harris County Bar Association asked a defense attorney in Fort Worth whether financial issues might cause people to turn to criminal behavior as a way to solve their problems. The attorney believes so.

Why Financial Problems Turn People to a Life of Crime

Not all criminal activity is caused by financial issues, obviously, but it can be a factor for many types of crimes. Some people become desperate after their financial circumstances turn sour, and they look for a quick solution to their problems.

This can be one cause of theft and fraudulent type of behavior. Financial issues are known to lead to divorce and other family issues, and financial issues can lead to criminal behavior, such as drugs and alcohol.

Is There a Way to Prevent Financially-Motivated Crimes?

Of course no one can stop all crimes that are committed because of financial issues, but knowing more about what causes a person to commit certain criminal behaviors will be helpful when you become a lawyer.

When you understand what caused a client to commit a crime, you can better defend them against a conviction. You might be able to get a better plea deal by showing that their financial issues drove them to the criminal behavior.

Providing the Legal Information You Need to Be a Better Lawyer

It’s clear that financial issues are connected to criminal behavior in some cases. This is important for aspiring lawyers to take note of to understand the motivations that cause some people to engage in criminal activity.

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