How Will a Work Comp Lawyer Get My Claim Approved?

The system of workers compensation is an insurance policy that benefits both employers and their employees. The compensation awards benefits and wages to workers who were injured or contracted a condition or illness due to their job or workplace environment. In exchange for eligibility to these benefits, employees waive their rights to pursue personal injury claims against their employers. Not all work comp claims are automatically approved, and to guard against those who would take advantage of the system, there are a number of criteria that have to be met. That being said, not all claims refusals or benefit packages are fair, and that is why many injured employees ask themselves, “How will a work comp lawyer get my claim approved?”

Hiring a Work Comp Lawyer

Everyone is entitled to the help and advice of an attorney. If your injury or condition has resulted in a permanent change to your life, your injury is likely severe enough to warrant the assistance of an attorney to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit package you deserve. If your injury is permanent and you cannot return to work, a work comp attorney can also assist you with filing a Social Security Disability claim.

While programs and resources vary from state to state, most states offer vocational programs for people unable to return to their former work because of an industrial injury. To increase the likelihood that you will receive new training or monetary compensation, an attorney can help you navigate the system.

Disputing a Claim

If you have filed a claim and have been denied by your employer or their insurance company or are not receiving the benefits you feel you are entitled to, disputing is a complex legal process. Without an attorney advocating for you, you will be at a disadvantage. Work comp lawyers know the language of negotiating with insurance companies, and on claims of most natures, it has been shown that individuals who contact insurance companies without representation are offered less than those that allow an experienced lawyer to advocate for them.

Hiring an experienced work comp lawyer from a firm such as Ricci Law Firm ensures that your claim is handled in a way that will increase the chances of receiving a fair benefits package. Work comp lawyers know the system, and they know how best to advise their clients, especially when it comes to how to handle independent medical exams. This advice can be invaluable when it comes to getting the benefits package you deserve.