Most Common Types of Traffic Tickets in New York

When a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they do not expect to be pulled over and given a traffic ticket. It is estimated that most drivers are likely to receive at least one traffic ticket in their lifetime. If you live in New York, it is quite possible that you will receive more than one. The most common types of traffic tickets in New York include speeding, aggressive driving, seat belt violations, and cellphone and texting violations.

Penalty Fines and Points

Most traffic violations are considered moving violations. In the five boroughs of New York, these are handled by the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). Traffic tickets carry a fine, and points are added to the license. The more serious the violation, the higher the number of points.

Speeding is one of the most common types of traffic tickets in New York. How fast you were driving over the posted speed limit will affect the fee you may have to pay, as well as the points associated with the violation.

In New York, the law requires all drivers and passengers to wear their seat belts. For seat belt violations, drivers who receive a ticket will have to pay about $75 to $125 as a penalty. No points will be added to the license of drivers who are over 21 years of age.

New York traffic law pertaining to the use of cell phone or any electronic communication device is very clear and specific. Cell phone violations are also one of the most common types of traffic tickets in New York. It is important that you deal with a traffic ticket well within the stipulated time.

What to Do when You Receive a Traffic Ticket in New York

If you receive a traffic ticket, it is imperative that you do not plead guilty. If you do so, you will have to pay the fee and will also receive points on your license. Do bear in mind that if you have received more than 11 points on your license in the last 18 months, your license is likely to be suspended.

Instead of trying to deal with a traffic ticket by yourself, it would be wise to speak to a Queens traffic ticket attorney. An experienced and skilled lawyer who understands the nitty gritty of traffic law in New York will efficiently represent your case in traffic court.