Reasons to Sue After a Car Crash

Most people who drive will experience the stress of being involved in a car accident at one time or another in their lives. For those whose accident was caused by the negligence of another, there are plenty of reasons to sue after a car crash. If your accident took place in Indianapolis, you should enlist the help of an Indianapolis car accident lawyer. Your lawyer will assess your case, advise you on how best to proceed, and ensure you receive the maximum settlement amount that you are entitled.


If you did not share in the fault of the accident at all, that means the other driver was one-hundred percent negligent (assuming you are the only two cars involved). Negligence laws vary from state to state. In some states, if the injured party (plaintiff) was even the slightest bit negligent, they lost their entitlement to damages. In other states, negligence can be apportioned amongst the parties involved, and their entitlement amount reflects their share in the negligence; most state’s negligence laws operate this way.

If you were in no way negligent for the accident, that is a reason to sue as you will receive the maximum amount of damages because you were in no way to blame for the accident or its outcomes.

Injuries and Property Damage

If your vehicle was damaged or you sustained injuries, or both, this is the most common reason for suing after a car accident. Any property damage or injuries sustained, due to the at-fault driver, make the plaintiff eligible to receive financial compensation. Financial compensation includes covering the costs of vehicle repairs, medical treatment, medication, physical therapy, and any missed wages due to time away from work.

The goal of financial compensation is to return the plaintiff to the same financial status as they were prior to the accident. Damages paid will cover any and all costs related to the accident. Sometimes, these costs are substantial, especially in cases where long hospital stays were necessary during recovery time. The more serious the injury, the higher the compensatory amount will be.

Suing for Pain and Suffering

Another reason people sue after being involved in an accident is because of pain and suffering. If a person develops PTSD due to a serious crash, they can seek damages for costs associated with therapy, medication, or even just compensation for the quality of life that they have lost.

Demand Letter

After a person has been involved in a car crash, they most often enlist the help of a personal injury lawyer who will help them file a personal injury claim. To officially launch the claim, the plaintiff must draft a letter to the defendant (person the claim is being filed against) clearly stating their intent to pursue financial compensation. If the defendant responds by flat-out refusing to pay or denying negligence, this is another reason to sue after a car crash. In this case, your attorney will help you collect all the pertinent documents relating to your case, such as medical records and witness testimonies.

If you were involved in a car accident that was no fault of your own, you have plenty of reasons to sue. You are entitled to financial compensation regarding any accident-related vehicle repairs or necessary medical treatment.