Things to Include in Your Prenup

A prenuptial agreement is definitely controversial, but there are some couples who feel it is necessary to have. Without question, it can help with figuring out everything if a marriage does not work out in the end. Below are some of the main aspects a prenup can clarify and help protect you against.


Taking care of children is important for a lot of parents, and a prenuptial agreement can help with taking care of children from previously relationships. Those who have children from a previous relationship might fear that they could possibly be left in the dark after a divorce. By putting in a provision, those kids will not be affected by any type of accidental disinheritance.

Debts and Assets

Financially speaking, prenuptial agreements can really help those people who do not want to deal with another’s debt. After a normal marriage, a person can sometimes be on the hook for all the debt of a spouse. By going with a prenuptial agreement, that can all be avoided if the marriage has been ended.

Many people use a prenuptial agreement to protect their assets as well. Under normal divorce laws, everything is shared between parties. Adding something in the prenuptial agreement to protect valuable items, a business, or family heirlooms just makes a lot of sense.


Finally, many people overlook the fact that a prenup can actually do more than just decide who gets what. It can also help with dividing up marital responsibilities. Things such as paying the bills, managing bank accounts, dealing with savings, and more can all be thoroughly laid out in a prenup. It might seem a little bit technical for some people, but it does work for others who simply want to have everything on paper. This is a great way to make sure that there is nothing overlooked in the marriage, and responsibilities are accounted for.

Bringing up things to include in your prenup might cause a future spouse to be skeptical, but there are some people who feel it can help make a marriage feel a bit more streamlined. Of course, in order to really take care of a prenup, it is usually recommended to contact a legal team familiar with marriage and divorce law. Milwaukee divorce attorneys Karp & lancu is just one option out there for those people in the area to get assistance in putting together a prenup and going over all the details.