Which Type of Lawyer Do You Want to Be Someday?

Harrison County Bar Association is here to provide aspiring lawyers with information to help them succeed at practicing law. You may be in school right now studying the law, but you might not yet know which practice area you’re interested in pursuing. 

That’s why we’ve decided that today’s post should be about the different types of lawyers there are in this country. Obviously, we can’t get into every single type of lawyer out there, because there are a lot of different types. We are just going to review some of the top practice areas.

Types of Lawyers

People get hurt every day, and there are laws about personal injuries. You could be a personal injury lawyer someday. Personal injury lawyers study personal injury law. This type of law pertains to liability when someone causes an accident. A personal injury lawyer’s job is to help an injury victim get justice when they’ve been injured by another person.

Another type of legal field is criminal law. This is one of the most widely known types of legal fields. Criminal lawyers have the job of defending people who have been accused of a crime. This is often considered one of the most interesting types of legal fields because the consequences of a criminal conviction are so great.

Another legal practice area is employment law. Employment lawyers deal with laws about fair employment practices. These lawyers will investigate claims of discrimination or other unfair employment practices and help their clients get justice.

Another type of lawyer you could be is a divorce lawyer. It seems like an unpleasant area of the law, but someone has to do it. You might be able to find satisfaction in helping people overcome a difficult life event and help them move forward with their lives.

There are many other types of lawyers. Here are a few more examples below. You could be one of the following:

Making a decision on which type of lawyer you want to be someday can be tough. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of legal profession. You will have to decide which practice area is right for you.

Have You Decided Which Type of Lawyer You Will Be? 

Thanks for visiting Harris County Bar Association’s website. We hope this information was useful in helping you decide which type of lawyer you are going to be. Today you learned about different types of lawyers. What will you learn next week?